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The Science Conference "deeply disturbs" the complaint about gene-editing for children


The organizers of the second International Human Genome edition, Enki Jiangki, have been accused of "unexpected and deep disturbance" as "human embryos are edited and implanted"

A Hong Kong scientist who made the first genetically modified baby in the world dropped out of the new report and was criticized for failing by organizers on Thursday.

Giangyui is taking part in a tremendous biomedical conference on Wednesday and "proud to be the" father-in-law "of the twin girls who have been successful in changing their DNA.

But the experimental details, which were not independently tested, had a sudden deterioration and indicated that the trial was stopped.

He had to talk again on Thursday at the summit, but left the table.

David Baltimore, Nobel laureate and chairman of the organizing committee, decided not to attend the journalists.

The organizers of the Second International Summit on Human Genome issued a statement on "unexpected and deep concern" that has been edited and implanted in human embryos. At Thursday's conference, he called for closer monitoring of the field.

"Even if the amendments were tested, this procedure was irresponsible and did not comply with international standards," a statement reads.

"His shortcomings have shown insufficient evidence in medicine, poorly-researched research protocols, ethical standards for the protection of the research subject, and lack of transparency in the design, examination and administration of clinical procedures."

Graphics based on the techniques for editing the genome of CRISPR / Cas9.

Professor of the University of Shenzhen, China, said that twin girls born several weeks ago have changed their DNA to prevent HIV infection. Eight voluntary couples – HIV-positive fathers and HIV-negative mothers – have signed up to the trial.

According to him, the "second potential pregnancy" was with the participation of the second couple, but it is unclear whether the pregnancy is still going on.

Experts have warned that editing human embryos may lead to mutations in other areas that are called "non-targeted effects," which can affect their entire life.

The University of South Science and Technology has been on vacation since February and has "strictly violated academic ethics."

Studying at Stanford University, he says that twins' DNA has been changed through CRISPR, which allows scientists to remove precision precision.

CRISPr Gene-Editing Technology Development File. The Chinese scientist said that he made the first genetic makeup of the word.

Jennifer Duduna, co-author of the technology, said that she felt "scared" when talking. Was he deeply concerned about the people he was talking about and really understood this procedure?

According to the organizers of the summit, the editing of hemoglobin can be "favorable" in the future if it complies with strict criteria, including "strict independent surveillance".

However, they noted that there were too many scientific and technical uncertainties that would allow clinical trials at this stage.

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