Wednesday , May 25 2022

The triangle is glad in the glory of Chibuk


The Herald

Tadious Manyepo Sports Reporter
Coach Tourai Mannviro Shadzi congratulated the team for winning, winning the championship of the Chibuku Super Cup in Gibbo, Saturday, at Harare.

Captain Ralph Covington and the second-line bidder, Pineyne Bamousy, have been supporting the knockout tournaments that will be offered by Laudelder next season to represent the country at the CAF Confederations Cup.

And the complementary stadium pools are often expected to expand the non-secure perimeter fence and add their heroes to celebrating the greatest achievements in the gorge.

But in order not to obstruct the process of awarding the fans with the award, it was enough to stay in the stands only on the system of access to the public.

Magnarno was surprised, especially given the possibility that Gibbon would have a high degree of finals.

In 2015, Mengiro, the first coach to win the city of Harar and win two prizes, was incredible thanks to the famous victory.

Ruziv Ruzive, the "Referee of the Year", was appointed to the final event of the event, saying he was going to hold another two years before his retirement.

She once retired at the beginning of this year to the end of June.

"We are very happy with the Chibuku Super Cup, and we are delighted with the team that scored points in the Harare city exit.

"It was a good promotion for football fans, as our fans did in the match, the match, and then. I'm sure that before the match, the stadium would have a great final, but at the end of the day, people have made great progress here, "says Mengviro. The veteran gaffar won the record of his heroic deity, but instead he honored the players, fans and managers of the Triangle.

"We played as a unit, it won the game for us. Records are for the archive, but the team that won the match is important.

"Of course, it's a great feeling because the coaches love you. How many points you would like to win, but at the end of the day the team is important. «

Mangiro focused on creating a competitive team for the KEF Confederation Cup.

"It's a good feeling to play in Africa. I've had it before tasting Monomapapa and Harare. We already have a lot of time, and competition will create a very strong team ".

Although it is full of fame, Harvard City's partner Mark Harrison will not lose it after being defeated. Instead of English, English-language journalists were praised for their young men.

"After winning a triangle in the final of the Super Bowl in the Chibuku Super League, I'm very offended. I think they are much better than we do.

"But the triangle played at home and enjoyed a great deal. They supported them, and you know they're the trophy before you come here, "said Harrison.

"But they were good at winning the cup, which was absolutely worthy of victory. But in the first part that has achieved good results in the final, the team that is preparing for the race is a sign of how good this season is for us.

"Two weeks before the season, we are preparing for the first division, but we did everything we could to reach the final, and we played well in the league. Overall, I am happy with players, managers, and fans.

"We lost the cup that we wanted to protect, but that's football. I can only say now that it is good. We try to keep the trophy, but it's always hard. He gave a loan to a triangle and won it.

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