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The vaccine-related disease associated with vaping was about 100 people


US health officials are checking on 100 cases involving lung diseases and smoking and electronic cigarettes in 14 states.

Most of the sick are adolescent and teenagers. Most people are hospitalized, some of them in intensive care and ventilation.

Medical authorities say that patients will be completely healed.

Clinicians and the general public are advised to avoid serious and potentially harmful lung injury.

Symptoms include breathing difficulties, breathing difficulties, or chest pain before being hospitalized. Health officials also reported fever, cough, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that officials will work with at least five health care departments – California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin – to identify the cause of the post-epidemic cluster. the use of electronic cigarettes "is frequent in recent weeks among adolescents and adolescents.

There are at least 31 cases confirmed by state officials. The CDC states that 94 states are considering probable cases in 94 states.

According to CDC spokesman Katie Harben, there is no evidence that at present the infection is guilty.

Although some cases seem similar, government officials said they do not know that the disease is linked to electronic cigarettes or certain ingredients or pollutants that are absorbed by them.

Healthcare officials say patients describe various substances, including nicotine, marijuana-based products, and home-cooked products.

Speaking about the increasing concern, CDC officials reported on health care systems and clinicals about the disease and what to do. Public health departments also issued a warning.

Over the last decade, electronic cigarettes have become popular even though they have not studied their long-term effects.

In recent years, health authorities have warned about the epidemic of infecting teenagers.

The leading brand said that Juul monitored the disease reports and that there were "secure security controls".

Vaping can separate lung cleansing systems and may cause chronic illnesses

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, says that 10 million adults drink nicotine every month without any major problems.

"Products that cause harm to the lungs do not contain nicotine, but THC or street-drawn loungers with illicit drugs," he said.

Health authorities are worried that it's just not enough time to set her safe.

Emily Chapman, a chief physician of the children's mama, cared for four adolescents who were ill. "There is no history that we can not convey to anybody, teenagers, that it's a safe experience," said Emily Chapman. .

Last month, adolescents showed controlled and consistent symptoms such as bacterial pneumonia, infections, breathing, cough, fever and abdominal pain, "said Chapman.

Despite the proper treatment provided by antibiotics and oxygen, they became worse. Some of them suffered from respiratory failure and had to enter the ventilator, he says.

"These are very difficult to diagnose as symptoms may impinge on a common infection, but can lead to serious complications and long-term treatment," said Chapman.

"Medical care is needed. Respiratory condition can be deteriorating without proper treatment ".

Electronic cigarettes are a variety of products that produce aerosols from the fluid containing the heating element, which consumers can breathe through the oral cavity.

Millions of Americans use electronic cigarettes, especially young adults. In 2018, over 3 million schoolchildren reported using electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days, CDC reported.

In January, the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medical Academy reports that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than usual cigarettes, while toxic substances are very toxic when burning, but they are health threats.

Among the non-smoking teenagers and adolescents, "increased cough and heartbeat and an increased incidence of asthma" were observed.

But many healthcare providers believe there is insufficient information on their effect, especially on young people.

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Dell Nelson, Wisconsin, suffered asthma and suffered a respiratory illness last month and was hospitalized with pneumonia last month.

The 26-year-old felt like a bruise on the straw. He was breathing, his heart breathed, his breath was strong and fast.

According to Mr. Nelson, he spent several days at the hospital, some of which was due to the ventilator. His mother, Kim Barnes, said that when the nurse told him that vomiting could have been caused by the phenomenon, he was awakened to it.

He now wants to convey this need to other parents: "You have to sit with your children and tell them the dangers of things. If you are an adult, be smart – it's not good. "

Doctors have seen "scattered" cases of pulmonary disease, but they have not yet identified the rule, said Ms. Chapman,

"It's important to know that vaping is safe, but we know little about it," he said.

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