Friday , August 19 2022

USD / JPY Dovish Powell is short


USD / JPY shorts in the game

Jerry Powell did not speak of the market's dissatisfaction with the prospect of a gradual advance of future tariff rates. The US dollar spoke quickly and S & P500 scored 40 points at Powell. You can be very satisfied.

Powell said he did not have a predetermined political course and that it would depend on economic data and that these tariffs would be available below the neutral range. This means that after the probability of December will increase, the FRS will be open to stop lifting in 2019. Along with the fall in oil, many analysts expect the Fed to slow down inflationary pressures that will not slow down. Adam said that Powell had gradually gone through a transitional period. This is Jerome Powell's vision.

Thus, it is currently bearing a considerable bearing for the USD / JPY pair. Future of the G20 Friday and the future of the Trumps Auto-Tariffs potential further weakens USDJPY. I like the US Dollars / JPY from short term to 100 EMA and 50% Fib.

Update: at present This price available moved to Please lower it below the screen. I like 100 and 200 EMA in a 15-minute chart, this is a shortcut to a shorter USD condition.


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