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Arsenal plans for chaos after UEFA team match

Political tension in the region, along with fans and staff in Kyiv, is 211 km from Poltava

The travel plan of Arsenal decided not to fight Wesco's European League against Vorskla Poltava later than Kyiv, writes James Olli, who is currently playing football between Poltava and Kiev.

Last night, Ufa made a statement after Ukraine's disputed wave of war in connection with the escalation of political tensions in the region.

Standard Sport understands that Uan is surprised by UEFA's intervention following the emergency meeting of the Athlete.
Several members of the club's support staff, including the security team and the chef, arrived in Poltava, 211 miles (211 miles) from Kiev now.

A few fans went to Kharkov and made a 100-kilometer road to Poltava. According to Waffe, the game will not be played in closed doors, but this morning Arsenal was waiting for confirmation.

It is expected that the match tickets will be valid for the new site, but it is unclear whether fans will be allowed to enter a new stadium and enter a new stadium.

Arsenal's fans wrote on Twitter: "Think of spending hundreds of pounds on flights / hotels / rail tickets to play an arsenal in Poltava and you move to Kyiv (6 hours) before the match 2 days ago. THANKS @UEFA @ Arsenal. «

Another one said, "What kind of humor about my train and my hotel? [for]. «

Notwithstanding the fact that in Poltava it was not one of these fights, he was surprised by the excitement of the game, but Ufa considered the Ukrainian government to be the closest airport in Poltava to include the Kharkov Airport.

According to the law of war, access to the airport is strictly controlled and forced Arsenal to review the security issue, as he flies to Kharkiv today.

Gunners planned to reach the military airport in Poltava first, so they flied directly, but this request was not accepted until the last few weeks before the last military action.

The initial plan was the trainer of Unai Emery in Poltava, but Arsenal switched to prepare for the London Colony base before departing from Luton to Kyiv.

Arsenal, the 32nd round of the competition, has always planned to leave several senior players in London for this match.

In 2014, there was a question of Ukraine's disputed area, which seized three Russian military units and 23 crew members on the Crimean coast in official groups. Ukraine has subsequently announced the act of aggression, and Russia has said that ships have illegally taken their water.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned in Buenos Aires on a "massive war" between US and US presidents Donald Trump, who threatened to end the G20 summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week.

Arsenal has completed his campaign for fans traveling this morning. It is estimated that about 800 people have purchased tickets, but less than half of them are expected. Transferring the conflict to Kiev will at least bring benefits to the head coach Emery (above) and his players because they can fly to Kiev rather than to Kharkov and will travel to Poltava two-hour trainers.
"The UEFA Council of Emergency Security has made a decision on security grounds for the transfer of Vorskla to Kiev from Poltava to Kyiv following the introduction of the war law in certain parts of Ukraine.

"The match will take place today at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, at 5.55 UK time (local time 7.55).

"We work closely with the Weap and relevant authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of all those traveling to and from Ukraine.

"After receiving confirmation from Uefa, there will be additional news stories for fans."

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