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When he came to racism, his pen was the great power of Stan Lee


Stan Lee Myas is part of Krommell's childhood. As a young, black girl and self-propelled pop culture, she saw that Lee was premature.

"At that time he wrote Black Panther" when he was still in the segregation, "says New Yorker, a 27-year-old graphic designer and an independent laugh artist. "It was not supposed to be a black hero, not just a second-handed, but a thematic hero."

Krolmell spent most of the 90's in Marvel Comic. We met at Liu at the 2012 convention.

"I was able to tell her that I am a hero," he said. "My whole career has been affecting my journey, and I thank him."

The master and publisher of the biggest super heroes of Marvel Lie died on Monday at the age of 95.

While the fanatics were emphasizing the contribution to the canon of pop culture, some noticed that Li felt the great responsibility of their comic book. Marvel's master used his pen to conquer a real world like racism and xenophobia. Since 1960, Lee has supported the only endurance platform: in a funny book. On those pages, he spells "Stan's Soapbox" to propagandize the fanatics and present the heroes of these colors. Although Marvel's comics representations have not been stereotyped, Li has not been able to extend the image of the missing supernatural.

Under the guise of Lee, Marvel Comicus introduced the African Prince to the generation of funny readers who manage the legendary and technologically advanced kingdom, whose brown brown skin rhubole and X-Men, the dark forces, and their cultural heritage.

The works and ideas of artists behind Lee and Talla, the Black Panther; Luke Cage, Hero for hiring; and Professor Javier's funny mutants group – the innovation of the 1960s and 1970s – has become a cultural barrier to integration.

Li Marvel's all fingers have been released, but some characters and story lines have come from artists inspired by events of the '60s, "freelance writer Alex Simmons said.

However, when it came to black heroes and characters, there was some pressure from the white comic distributors. Some of the Marvel Comic has been sent back, as some distributors have not been prepared for the Black Panther and Royalty developed by the artist and co-author of the superanal African Wakandas, Jack Kirby.

"Stan had to take these risks," Simmons said. "There was a Liberty movement, and I think Marvel has a voice of the people, and he has been with him in rebellious energy."

In the great year of the nation, which saw the murder of Martin Luther King in 1968, Lee wrote one of the most scenic Solon Boxes essays, which speaks of fanaticism and racism as "the most deadly death of today's world."

"But, unlike a group of dear super-racial groups, they can not be beaten or beaten by raiding weapons," Lee wrote. "The only way to get rid of them is to disclose them to truly hidden things."

According to Mikhail Lubanski, who teaches racial and ethnic psychology in Urban-Champaign University in the state of Illinois, Marvel's heroes have always stood out as to how to deal with racial and other forms of discrimination.

"The original X-Men is a little about the race and cultural differences," said Lubanski. "Black Panther and some Marvel films took on the mantle, got involved with racism, and thought that Stan did not have the intention, but it was a great tool for them."

Efforts to minimize minority characters are not so old. Famous manuscripts with fights like Manchu-American Manardin and Birth American athlete Vayatt Wingfoot is considered to be a novelty in the 1960s and 1970s, but even when viewed through the 21st century lens, it may seem stereotypical.

"It's an interesting thing, Stanley gets credit and guilt due to his own character," said Scottish English professor at the Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterford, Utah, William Foster III, who helped create the East Coast Black Age Comics Convention.

Foster, who started Marvel Comic's work in the 1960s, was one of the reasons why they shot people on the background of color.

"Stan Lee in New York:" How can we avoid black people in New York City? "He replied.

The blocks began to take on the role of characters and evil. According to Foster, characters may sometimes be "Tokenism," but sometimes this progress must begin.

For 10 years, Marvel Cinematic Universe has surpassed $ 17.6 billion worldwide. The film "Black Panther" at the beginning of this year has collected more than $ 200 million on its debut weekend.

"I also had many friends," says freelance writer Simmons. "We looked at Batman and saw The Mod Squad. My personal belief is that if you put the material in front of people and keep in touch, they will get in touch with it. "

For many fans and consumers, it tells about the product, not skin color or sexual orientation.

Kulmell, a ridiculous artist, for Asian and unfortunately, believes that the representation of women in comic books will improve.

"I think they are seeing a comic book right now, and that's not a real group right now," says Krolmell. "It's not just African-American women, it's Asians, Spanish heroes. I will disclose this to Sten Lee. "

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