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Why does extra money call for devaluation? LGC briefing


Treasury and the Ministry of Housing, local communities and local authorities almost hear the silence.

Today, the exclusive description of LGC research shows how the English Councils in 2018 will calculate an average 1,423 pound sterling per person service. This is less than a third of the cost per person per person this year in Wales and Scotland – 2,309 and 2,237 pounds sterling, respectively.

Per capita financing in Wales and Scotland in 2010-11. In the last eight years, England has dropped by 29.8%, though in absolute terms it grew by 5.2% and 0.2%.

According to Welsh's government spokesperson, his advice was protected from the worst impact of "cost-effectiveness".

A representative of the Scottish government said: "We have looked at local government in a fair way despite the abbreviations of the Scottish budget of the UK government."

LGC asked the ministry and the treasury why they did not ensure how much local governments could spend for each other as partners in Scotland and Wales.

We also asked if there were any indications that English advisers would be required by local authorities in Scottish and Welsh, and if so, if they were not.

According to the Ministry, the Treasury is "well-placed" because it is responsible for the financing of all peoples.

The Treasury can not comment on the expertise, claiming that it only responds "ONS officially released" [Office for National Statistics] or the government ".

LGC allows readers to express their opinions on these answers.

Today, Joe Miller, the president of the local government and the senior managers' society, writes: "In England, we are the smart elder brother in the UK.

"But with respect to local government services, we re-think. English advice is a family of British local government family, weak cousins. «

Based on our analysis, of course, this is obvious.

But this can not happen – it is a government in Scotland and Wales.

Severity available It's like choosing when governments choose the hardest reduction.

Simon Edwards, Director of County Councils Network, responded to the research Twitter: "These amazing statistics show additional resources for English advice and the need to translate true from Whitehall."

This is the Miller's point made by Miller.

"These figures will change when they have real authority in choosing public spending outside Waikhall," he said. "Looking back on complex horizons costs and the need for a UK and Northern Ireland union after Breckenaccias for the sake of real enthusiasm in England."

However, after some time the Treasury and the Ministry remain silent on this issue.

In contrast to Scotland and Wales, a major inequality in financing the Soviet councils in England is causing discontent among advisers and MPs.

They need to be responsible for ministries and civil servants to see why their area has diminished compared to other nations. They need to consider this issue in the cost review.

In his Budget speech, Chancellor Philip Hammond acknowledged that the English local government "made a significant contribution to public finance repairs," and called for long-term funding solutions [for English councils] in the course of consideration of expenses ". He did not mean that these decisions would be good or bad.

In an interview with LGC this week, housing and community secretary James Brockenshir pledged to "support the local government sector" in treasury negotiations over the next year's expenditure oversight. With the success of Mr. Brockenshir, the sector hopes to strike once more (purse) lines by encouraging the Prime Minister to raise the debt burden and to provide government with access to additional funds for social security and road maintenance.

In addition to talking about more money for the sector, consultants and parliamentarians should continue to carry out such researches for the strength and control of their territories.

If something happens, the government sees more money than money.

Controls and powers were lowered despite England-based agreements with Cornwall and Cambridge and Peterborough, Greater Manchester, Leeds City, Liverpool City, North Tine, Sheffield City, Taylor Wall, West Midlands, and West England. is a small fry. This should not diminish the achievements in the above-mentioned areas, but the local representatives do not doubt that they are at the forefront of what they think is a long way to reach freedom.

Today, Anthony May, the new board chairman of the County Administration of Senior Administrators of the County (ACCE), claims that "Norfolk and Suffolk have fallen, because of the Big Lincolnshire deal, to confirm the transfer of power."

False niggers and a delay in the whole Yorkshire concern, in particular, worry about giving Walhall a vast territory a powerful base to identify his future and lobby the government.

Good money can be spent if the government wants to avoid widespread massive violence in England and increases monetary quantities for the Soviet councils.

Bill Miller, as shown in his column, would be even the winner, and English counseling continues to be treated like infants.

David Pain plays the role of an editor

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